Model 5100-28-IT Combustible Gas Sensor Module
Page: 8
The gas sensor module has been supplied factory calibrated and ready for immediate installation and
operation. An installer familiar with installation and operation of gas detection products can use this section to
begin immediate use of the module.
See section 4.2 to determine if 3-wire or 4-wire operation is necessary.
Provide twisted shielded or triad type wiring from the power supply/control device to the sensor module
location. Use stranded wire that is 18 AWG or larger.
The sensor module can be mounted in a variety of configurations supported by the conduit. See figure 1-1 to
determine which configuration is best for your specific application. The default configuration enables the
modules to be put in line with other modules with the sensor element below the transmitter. To change the
configuration simply remove the transmitter and rotate to the appropriate configuration and remount the
standoffs and transmitter.
The module is designed to be installed on a ¾” conduit. Two important warnings:
The installation must meet any hazardous environment codes for electrical equipment.
The sensor module enclosure mounting must be spaced far enough from any vertical surface
to allow removal and replacement of the sensor assembly which is threaded into one ¾”
conduit entry.
Sensor housing must be oriented vertically pointing downward.
If module is installed outdoors it is recommended that it be sheltered from direct sunlight.
To install the transmitter printed circuit assembly into the housing, carefully turn the faceplate so that the
printing is in the correct horizontal position for the mounting configuration and slide the assembly over the two
stand-offs in the enclosure.
Hand tighten the two captive panel thumb screws into the stand-offs. Replace the enclosure cover prior to
providing power to the transmitter
If the transmitter is installed in a classified hazardous area, replace the threaded cover prior to
providing power.
To begin operation of the sensor module activate the instrument loop with 10-30 VDC. Each time the sensor
module is powered up it will perform a warm-up for approximately 5-10 minutes. During this time the display
will read “Starting”. The loop output will be held at 4 mA.
NOTE: If the sensor is uncalibrated, the startup display will state “START” instead of “STARTING”
After the warm-up period has expired, the display will indicate the gas concentration. Also, the instrument loop
will be released to output current in the range of 4 to 20 mA. The actual current is linear with the gas
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