and protects the particulate on the filter from being disturbed
during transit. Shown in photo below on top of TE-6003.
TE-6003 PM10 Stainless Steel 8” x 10” Filter Holder used with Mass Flow
Controller PM10 System. Filter Holder has a Probe Hole for 20 to
60 SCFM MFC Flow Probe.
TE-6002 PM10 Anodized Aluminum Shelter for all Tisch Environmental PM10
Systems. This Shelter supports the PM10 Size Selective Inlet. Also
protects the other components of the PM10 System.
TE-6003V PM10 Stainless Steel 8” x 10” Filter Holder used with Volumetric
Controlled PM10 System. Filter Holder has a Stagnation Pressure
Tap to measure Pressure Drop across the Filter Paper. Similar to
TE-6003 pictured above with the stagnation pressure tap located on
the side.
TE-10965 Step up transformer used with Model TE-6070V-BL, TE-6070DV-BL PM10
system. Not Pictured
TE-5030 30" Slack Tube Water Manometer 15"-0-15", used to measure flow
Filling Instructions:
Using 1 quart distilled water, add ¾ oz. bottle of TE-
10255 Fluorescent green color concentrate.
Remove a tubing connector from the manometer and pour
fluid in to mid-point level.
Shake to remove air bubbles and slide scale so zero is in
line with the meniscus of the two fluid columns.
For readings in inches of mercury, fill with 13.6 SP. GR. triple
distilled mercury. When used with mercury, some discoloration of
the vinyl tubing will normally occur.
Reading the Slack Tube Manometer:
Connect the manometer to the source of pressure, vacuum or
differential pressure. When the pressure is imposed add
the number of inches one column travels up to the amount
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