TE-303 Digital Timer
Setting the Date and Time
1) Press “F3” for SETUP
2) Scroll down to configure, Press “ENT”
3) Select “DATE”, insert date, press “ENT”
4) Select “TIME”, insert time (HHMM), press “ENT”
5) Press “ESC” to return to main status screen
Setting the Timer
1) Press “F1” for TIMER.
2) Select “DATE”, insert start date, press “ENT”
3) Select “TIME”, insert start time (HHMM), press “ENT”
4) Select “DURATION”, insert desired duration, (0003=3 minutes, 0030=30
minutes, 3000= 30 hours), Press “ENT”
5) Select repeat, select desired repeat interval, (1 in 1=sample every
day; 1 in 2=sample every other day; 1 in 3=sample every 3 days; 1 in
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