PREFACE: Information within this Operation Manual has been
compiled from many users and drawn from many years of experience.
More detailed information about PM-10 sampling is available from the
United States Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has published
a Quality Assurance Handbook Section 2.11, which can be used for
supplemental guidance. Additional information can be found in 40
Code of Federal Regulations Part 50, Appendixes J and M. Appendix J
is printed within this document. An additional on-line source of
information is available at www.epa.gov/ttn/amtic.
Tisch Environmental, Inc. produces a broad range of pollution
measuring instruments for all types of industrial, service and
governmental applications. TEI is a family business located
in the Village of Cleves, Ohio. TEI employees skilled
personnel who average over 20 years of experience each in the
design, manufacture, and support of air pollution monitoring
equipment. Our modern well-equipped factory, quality
philosophy and experience have made TEI the supplier of choice
air pollution monitoring equipment. Now working on the fourth
generation, TEI has state-of-the-art manufacturing capability
and is looking into the future needs of today’s environmental
Warranty 3
Quality Policy Statement 3
Warning of Safety Hazards/Safety Precautions 4 - 5
Schematic Diagram PM-10 Head TE-6001 5
TE-6001 Replacement Parts List 6
Schematic of PM-10 System-Lower Section 7
Description of Instruments 8 - 9
Explanation of indicators, displays, and controls 10 - 21
Setup and Installation Instructions Mass Flow Systems 22
Setup and Installation Instructions Volumetric Flow Systems 23 - 24
Electrical Hookup 24 - 31
Calibration Requirements and Calibration Kits 32
Calibration procedures Mass Flow controlled with Brush-type motors 33 42
Calibration procedures Mass Flow controlled with Brush-less motors 43 56
Calibration procedures Volumetric flow controlled systems 53 60
Total Volume Calculations Mass Flow Controlled Systems 60
Total Volume Calculations Volumetric Flow Controlled Systems 61 - 62
Sampler Operation 63
Verification of Proper Operation 64 - 65
Troubleshooting/corrective maintenance procedures 65 - 66
Routine maintenance 67
Motor Brush Replacement Mass Flow Controlled Systems 68
Motor Brush Replacement Volumetric Flow Controlled Systems 69
Description of Method - Appendix J Part 50 70 76
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