6=sample every 6 days; 1 in 7=sample every 7 days; or custom sampling
schedules (HHMM)), Press “ENT”
6) Select “Save and Exit”
7) During a sample the timer can be “STOPPED” or “PAUSED”, during a sample
press “F1” for timer, select “PAUSE” or “ABORT”, select “YES” or “NO”
to confirm.
The TE-303 digital timer has an internal battery backup so in case of a power
failure the timer will remain set and will continue when power is reapplied.
During a power failure the timer will ontinue to run and will stop and start
exactly as it is programmed (example, if the timer is scheduled to start at
9:00 and run for 24 hours it will stop exactly 24 hours from the start-time
regardless of a power failure).
Checking / Resetting the Elapsed Time Indicators (ETI)
The TE-303 has 3 built in ETI’s; one ETI is to track motor life, one for
calibration frequency, and one for user based events. The ETI’s can be reset
at any time and also have a feature that allows the user set alert reminders
for tracking motor life, calibration frequency or user based event.
1) Press “F3” for setup
2) Select “ETI”, press “ENT”
3) To reset ETI’s, select desired ETI, press “ENT”, confirm “YES” or “NO”,
press “ENT”
4) To set “ALERT”, select desired ETI ALERT, press “ENT”, enter alert set
point, press “ENT”
5) Press “ESC”, to return to the main status screen
Manual Motor Control
The TE-303 digital timer is equipped with a manual motor control feature.
This feature allows the user to turn the motor (or what ever is plugged into
to AC out timed cord) to be turned on/off without using the timer.
1) Press “F3” for SETUP
2) Select “DIAGNOSTICS”, press “ENT”
3) Select “MOTOR”, press “ENT” to togger the motor on/off
4) Be sure that the “MOTOR” is in the OFF position before exiting
this menu.
5) Press “ESC” to return to main status screen
TE-6001 Size Selective PM10 Inlet (cut point less than 10 micron)
Precision Symmetrical Designed Inlet insures wind direction
insensitivity. Large particles are impacted on a greased shim
plate. Particles smaller than 10 microns are collected on the
8” x 10” Quartz Filter.
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