6070D, TE-6070BL, TE-6070D-BL
1. Shelter Box - 46" x 20" x 23" 74 lbs
TE-6070 Anodized Aluminum Shelter with mounted Flow
Controller, Timer and TE-5009 Continuous Flow Recorder
TE-5005 Blower Motor Assembly with tubing, or brush-less
TE-6003 8” x 10” PM10 Stainless Steel Filter Holder with probe
TE-5005-9 Filter Holder Gasket
TE-3000 Filter Paper Cartridge
Envelope with TE-106 box of charts, and operations manual
2. Inlet Box - 32" x 32" x 26" 56 lbs
TE-6001 Size Selective Inlet
*** Save the shipping containers and packing material for future use.
1. Remove all items from the boxes.
2. Enclosed in the 13" x 10" x 9" box on bottom of shelter is the TE-
5005 Blower Motor Assembly. Enclosed in the 13” x 10” x 9” box
inside of shelter is the Filter Holder with TE-5005-9 gasket and
TE-3000 Filter Paper Cartridge. Remove from boxes.
3. Screw TE-5005 Blower Motor Assembly onto the Filter Holder
(tubing, power cord, and hole in filter holder collar to the
right) make sure TE-5005-9 gasket is in place.
4. Lift TE-6001 SSI, hood, and hood spacer bag from carton and place
on table.
5. Remove cable tie on bottom of SSI that is holding strut and remove
shoulder bolt and large washer.
6. Align middle of strut with hole in spacer and fasten with shoulder
bolt and large washer, make sure large washer is on top of strut.
7. Place SSI on shelter and align shelter base pan 10-24 nutsert
holes with holes in side of shelter and insert four 10-24 x 1”
CAUTION: Before opening SSI, be sure that shelter is securely
mounted to ground or floor. Use of out riggers to secure vertical
orientation is strongly recommended.
8. Place SSI hood onto acceleration nozzle plate (top of SSI).
9. Locate hood spacer between hood and acceleration nozzle plate and
loosely fasten with 10-32 x ½” thumb bolt, making sure plastic
washer is in place. Do this loosely for all eight hood spacers,
before tightening.
10. Open TE-6001 SSI by disengaging hooks and lifting the middle
section into the open position. Remove cardboard and rubber bands
that are covering filter holder assembly opening.
11. Place Blower Motor Assembly on top of Inlet Base Plate. Locate
Mass Flow Probe. Take Flow Controller probe and insert into filter
holder collar. Before tightening be certain probe slot is
positioned so air coming into filter holder goes through the open
section and flows across the ceramic element.
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