12. Lower filter holder assembly down through opening, making sure 8”
x 10” gasket is under filter holder.
13. Put TE-3000 Filter Paper Cartridge on top of filter holder and
align the brass bolt assembly with the cartridge. Tighten for
airtight seal.
IMPORTANT: Remove cover on top of TE-3000 Filter Paper Cartridge
before turning on the sampler. The cover is only used to protect
sample from contamination during transport.
14. Close Inlet, making sure of an airtight seal.
15. Connect tubing from pressure tap of blower motor to TE-5009 Flow
16. Before operating, make sure TE-6001-24 Shim Plate has been wiped
clean and then treated with Dow Corning Silicone spray 316,
evenly. See Sampler Operation)
TE-6070DV, TE-6070V-BL, TE-6070DV-BL
1. Shelter Box 46” x 20” x 23” 50 lbs
TE-6070V/BL Anodized Aluminum Shelter with mounted
Continuous Flow Recorder and Timer on door with
Elapsed Time Indicator.
Envelope Contents: TE-106 charts, and operations manual.
2. VFC parts box 28” x 21” x 10” 20 lbs
TE-5030 30” Water Manometer with VFC Fitting
TE-5070 VFC Blower Motor Assembly, or Brush-less Motor
TE-10557PM10 Volumetric Flow Controller PM10, or Brush-
TE-6003V 8” x 10” VFC PM10 Stainless Steel Filter Holder
3. Inlet Box - 32” x 32” x 26” 56 lbs
TE-6001 Size Selective Inlet
*** Save the shipping containers and packing material for future use.
1. Lift SSI, hood, and hood spacer bag from carton and place on table.
2. Remove cable tie on bottom of SSI that is holding strut and remove
shoulder bolt and large washer.
3. Align middle of strut with hole in spacer and fasten with shoulder
bolt and large washer, make sure large washer is on top of strut.
4. Place SSI on shelter and align shelter base pan 10-24 nutsert holes
with holes in side of shelter and insert four 10-24 x 1” bolts.
CAUTION: Before opening SSI, be sure that shelter is securely
mounted to ground or floor. Use of out riggers to secure vertical
orientation is strongly recommended.
5. Place SSI hood onto acceleration nozzle plate (top of SSI).
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