Tisch Environmental, Inc.
Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all
instructions listed in this manual may result in electric
shock, fire and/or personal injury. Save these instructions.
Never operate this unit when flammable materials or vapors are
present because electrical devices produce arcs or sparks that
can cause a fire or explosion. When using an electrical
device, basic precautions should always be followed including
the following section of this manual. Be sure to disconnect
power supply before attempting to service or remove any
components. Never immerse electrical parts in water or any
other liquid. Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces when
plugging and un-plugging this device in wet conditions.
Installation must be carried out by specialized personnel
only, and must adhere to all local safety rules. As this unit
can be supplied for different power supply versions, before
connecting the unit to the power line, check if the voltage
shown on the serial number tag corresponds to the one of your
power supply. This product uses grounded plugs and wires.
Grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric
current to reduce the risk of electric shock. This system is
equipped with electrical cords that have ground wires internal
to them and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into a
matching outlet that is properly installed and grounded in
accordance with all local codes and ordinances. Do not modify
the plug provided, if it will not fit the outlet, have the
proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.
In the event any electrical component of this system is to be
transported, DO NOT carry by its cord or unplug it by yanking
the cord from the outlet. Pull plugs rather than cord to
reduce the risk of damage. Keep all cords away from heat,
oil, sharp objects, and moving parts.
It is always best to use the shortest extension cord as
possible. Grounded units require a three-wire extension cord.
As the distance from the supply outlet increases, you must
use a heavier gauge extension cord. Using extension cords
with inadequately sized wire causes a serious drop in voltage,
resulting in loss of power and possible damage to the
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