TE-6001 REPLACEMENT PARTS Size Selective Inlet
Item Part
No. No. Description
1. TE-6001-1 Hood
2. TE-6001-2 Acceleration Nozzle Plate with 9 nozzles
3. TE-6001-3 Acceleration Nozzle
4. TE-6001-4 Acceleration Nozzle Plate Gasket
5. TE-6001-5 Top Tub Housing
6. TE-6001-6 Top Tub Housing Strike
7. TE-6001-7 Top Tub Housing Hinge
8. TE-6001-8 Top Tub Housing Strut Holder Large
9. TE-6001-9 Top Tub Housing Strut Holder Shoulder Bolt
10. TE-6001-10 Strut
11. TE-6001-11 Bead Gasket Strip (between tubs)
12. TE-6001-12 Brass Alignment Pin Large
13. TE-6001-13 Bottom Tub Housing
14. TE-6001-14 Bottom Tub Housing Catch (no hook)
15. TE-6001-15 Bottom Tub Housing Catch Hook
16. TE-6001-16 Bottom Tub Housing Hinge
19. TE-6001-19 Bug Screen Support Angle
20. TE-6001-20 Bug Screen with edging
21. TE-6001-21 Bug Screen black edging
22. TE-6001-22 1st Stage Plate with 16 Vent Tubes
23. TE-6001-23 1st Stage Plate Vent Tube
24. TE-6001-24 Shim Plate
25. TE-6001-25 Shim Plate Clips
26. TE-6001-26 Spring for Shim Clips
27. TE-6001-27 Small Brass Alignment Pin
28. TE-6001-28 Inlet Base Pan
29. TE-6001-29 Inlet Base Pan Strike
30. TE-6001-30 Inlet Base Pan Hinge Bracket
31. TE-6001-31 Inlet Base Pan Hinge Bracket Shoulder Bolt
32. TE-6001-32 Inlet Base Pan Strut Bracket
35. TE-6001-35 Shelter Base Pan
36. TE-6001-36 Shelter Base Pan Gasket 16"x 16"
37. TE-6001-37 Shelter Base Pan Catch with bolt
38. TE-6001-38 Shelter Base Pan Catch Spacers
39. TE-6001-39 Shelter Base Pan Hinge Bracket
40. TE-6001-40 Shelter Base Pan Strut Holder Shoulder Bolt
43. TE-6001-43 Brass Bolt Assembly with wing nuts
44. TE-6001-44 Hood Spacers
45. TE-6001-45 Hood Spacer Bag Complete
5018 TE-5018 8"x 10" Gasket
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