TE-6070, TE-6070D, TE-6070BL, TE-6070D-BL, TE-6070V, TE-6070DV, TE-
6070V-BL, TE-6070DV-BL
1. After performing calibration procedure, remove calibrator and top loading adapter. Install TE-
3000 Cartridge and remove filter holder frame.
2. Carefully center a new filter, rougher side up, on the supporting screen. Properly align the filter
on the screen so that when the frame is in position the gasket will form an airtight seal on the
outer edges of the filter.
3. Secure the filter with the frame, brass bolts, and washers with sufficient pressure to avoid air
leakage at the edges (make sure that the plastic washers are on top of the frame).
4. Wipe any dirt accumulation from around the filter holder with a clean cloth.
Size Selective Inlet Shim Plate Part number TE-6001-24
An anodized aluminum Shim Plate is supplied on top of the 1st stage plate of the SSI and can be seen by
opening the body of the SSI. This collection Shim Plate needs to be heavily greased according to the
following frequency and procedure.
Cleaning Frequency
Average Number of Interval Assuming
TSP at Site Sampling Days Every 6th Day Sample
40 ug/m3 50 10 months
75 ug/m3 25 5 months
150 ug/m3 13 3 months
200 ug/m3 10 2 months
Cleaning of the Shim Plate is done after removal from the SSI.
To remove the Shim Plate, unlatch the four SSI hooks located on the sides of the SSI body.
Slowly tilt back the top inlet half exposing the 9 acceleration nozzles. Tilt the SSI top half until
the SSI body support strut drops and locks into the second, fully open, notch and supports the
top half of the inlet. Two Shim Plate Clips located on the right and left sides should be rotated
90° to release the fastening pressure on the shim. The Shim Plate should be handled by the
edges and slowly lifted vertically to clear the height of the 16 vent tubes and pulled out forward
toward the operator. A clean cloth is used to wipe the soiled grease from the Shim Plate.
Acetone or any commercially available solvent can be used to clean the Shim Plate to its original
Clean the interior surfaces of the SSI using a clean cloth.
Place Shim Plate on a clean flat surface away from the rest of the SSI assembly and spray the
Shim Plate with a coating of Dow Corning Silicone #316. This grease is available from Tisch
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