TE-6070V, TE-6070DV, TE-6070V-BL, TE-6070DV-BL
Volumetric Flow Controlled High Volume PM10 Systems
1. After calibration, the % difference for each calibration point must be less than or equal
to 3 or 4% per EPA guidelines.
2. There must be three Qa numbers in the range for PM10 (1.02 to 1.24 m3/min), it is
suggested to have one high number, three in the range, and one low number.
3. The Look Up Table reading must be between 36 to 44 CFM or 1.02 to 1.24 m3/min.
4. For the VFC systems to operate efficiently the motor should run at full voltage; 110 to
120 volts.
Troubleshooting/Corrective Maintenance Procedures
The following is a list of possible problems and the corrective measures.
Shelter: There is nothing on the anodized aluminum shelter that can wear out. In the event a system is
dropped or blown over, some shelter parts may become bent. Simply re-shape the bent components
or replace them as necessary.
Blower Motor: If the blower motor does not function, perform the following test: 1. Unplug the motor
from the flow control device or timer. 2. Plug the motor directly into line voltage. If motor does not
operate when plugged directly into line voltage, replace with new motor. If motor operates when
plugged directly into line voltage then: See “Electrical Hook-Up” schematic. If motor still does not
work, see timer and flow controller instructions.
Dickson Continuous/Flow Pressure Recorder: Not inking properly: replace pen. If pen arm is bent
or pen arm lifter is damaged, thereby not allowing pen point to contact chart, replace the pen arm or
pen arm lifter as necessary. A tight door seal is necessary to prevent drying of pen, replace if
necessary. If pen does not respond properly to pressure/flow signal one of two solutions are available:
1. No rotation of chart indicates a defective chart drive. Replace as necessary. 2. Out of adjustment
flow indications may exist if one adjusts the “adjustment screw” beyond its range. This condition allows
the bellows to make contact with the chart drive thereby making the bellow movement inaccurate.
Factory re-adjustment is necessary.
Filter holder: Two gaskets make contact with the filter holder. The 8” x 10” gasket seals between the
shelter base pan and the flange of the filter holder. If this seal is compromised, replace the 8"x 10"
gasket. The lower section of the filter holder is sealed against the blower with a round neoprene rubber
gasket. This gasket should be replaced if any leakage is evident.
Filter Media Holder: The filter media holder uses the 8” x 10” gasket to seal between it and the filter
holder. Another 8” x 10” gasket is also used on the filter media holder to seal between the filter hold-
down frame and the filter media itself. If leakage is evident, inspect the gasket for foreign objects and
replace as necessary.
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