(110v Brush part #TE-33384)
(220v Brush part #TE-33378)
CAUTION: Unplug the system from any line voltage sources before any servicing of blower
motor assembly.
1. Remove the blower motor flange by removing the four bolts. This will expose gasket and the
TE-116311 motor (220v Motor TE-116312).
2. Rotate the assembly on it’s side, loosen the cord retainer and then push cord into housing and at
the same time let motor slide out exposing the brushes.
3. Looking down at motor, there are 2 brushes, one on each side. Carefully pry the brass tabs (the
tabs are pushed into end of brush) away from the expended brushes and toward the armature.
Pry the tabs until they dislodge from the brushes.
4. With a screwdriver loosen and remove brush holder clamps and release TE-33384 brushes.
Carefully, pull the tabs from expended brushes.
5. Slide the tabs into tab slot of new TE-33384 brush.
6. Push brush carbon against armature until brush housing falls into brush slot on motor.
7. Put brush holder clamps back onto brushes.
8. Make sure the tabs are firmly seated into tab slot. Check field wires for good connections.
9. Insert the motor by placing housing over while pulling power cord out of housing. Be certain
not to pinch the motor wires with the motor spacer ring.
10. Secure power cord with the cord retainer cap.
11. Replace blower motor flange on top of motor making sure to center gasket.
**IMPORTANT** To enhance motor life:
1. Change brushes before brush shunt touches armature.
2. Seat new brushes by applying 50% voltage for 10 to 15 minutes, the TE-5075
brush break in device allows for the 50% voltage.
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