 
this item is set to Enabled
by mouse, and power on by keyboard.
&Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN
 
  
 
button is pressed for less than 4 seconds, the system will enter suspend mode.
&Power Loading
Enables or disables dummy load. When the power supply is at low load, a self-protection will activate causing
it to shutdown or fail. If this occurs, please set to Enabled. Auto
&Resume by Alarm
 
If enabled, set the date and time as following:
Wake up hour/minute/second: Set the time at which the system will be powered on automatically.
Note: When using this function, avoid inadequate shutdown from the operating system or removal of the
AC power, or the settings may not be effective.
&Wake on LAN
 
&High Precision Event Timer
 
&CEC 2019 Ready
Allows you to select whether to allow the system to adjust power consumption when it is in shutdown, idle,
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