Code Description
D2 PCHinitializationerror.
D3 Some of the Architectural Protocols are not available.
D4 PCIresourceallocationerror.OutofResources.
D5 NoSpaceforLegacyOptionROMinitialization.
D6 No Console Output Devices are found.
D7 No Console Input Devices are found.
D8 It is an invalid password.
D9~DA Can't load Boot Option.
DB Flash update is failed.
DC Resetprotocolisfailed.
DE~DF Reserved.
E8 S3 resume is failed.
E9 S3ResumePPIisnotfound.
EA S3ResumeBootScriptisinvalid.
EB S3OSWakecallisfailed.
EC~EF Reserved.
F8 RecoveryPPIisinvalid.
<F9> Recoverycapsuleisnotfound.
FA Invalid recovery capsule.
FB~FF Reserved.
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