please follow the steps below:
1. After system restarts, go to the BIOS Setup, make sure CSM Support under the BIOS menu is disabled.
2. Go to  and make sure  is disabled. If
you want to enable the Optane memory installed in the M2Q connector, set 
to RST Controlled; to enable the Optane memory installed in the M2A connector, set 
On Port 9 to RST Controlled.
3. Enter the operating system, launch the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology utility from the Start menu, and then
enable Intel® Optane Memory on the Intel® Optane Memory screen.
4. If you install more than one Optane memory, please select which one you are going to use. Then select
which drive to be accelerated. Click Yes
completed, restart the system.
5. Launch the Intel® utility from the Start menu and make sure the Intel® Optane
applications to accelerate using the Intel® Optane function. (The Intel® Optane memory
An Optane
If more than one Optane memory is installed, you can select only one of them to accelerate your
functioning correctly.
If you want to change/remove the Optane memory, you must disable it using the Intel® Rapid
After enabling the Optane memory, the related BIOS settings will remain even after a BIOS update.
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