5VHF 7000, 7100US, 7100EU Operation Manual NAVMAN
Section 1 - General Information
1-1 Features
Congratulations on your purchase of a Navman VHF 7000, 7100US, or 7100EU
marine band VHF radio. All of these models provide the following useful features:
prominent channel display
adjustable contrast settings for the LCD
adjustable keypad backlighting for easy night-time use
waterproof and submersible to comply with JIS-7
GPS latitude and longitude (LL) and time display (when connected
to a GPS)
choice of High or Low (25 W or 1 W) transmission power
top centred PTT button for comfortable left- or right-handed use
powerful 4 W external audio output
access to all currently-available marine VHF channel banks (USA,
Canada, International) including weather channels where available
special CH16 or CH16/9 key for quick access to the priority (international
distress) channel
special 3CH key to select your three favourite channels
PSCAN (similar to dual watch) facility
In addition, the VHF 7100 models also provide:
DSC (Digital Select Calling) capability that meets USCG SC101 and
Class D Standards. 7100US only.
DSC (Digital Select Calling) capability that meets EC Class D Standards.
VHF 7100EU only.
DISTRESS call button to automatically transmit the MMSID and position
until an acknowledgement is received
easy access to a buddy list of up to 20 favourite people
MMSID storage for three favourite groups
Group Call and All Ships Call facility
LL position polling information
Weather alert facility. VHF 7100US only.
ATIS facility for inland waterways. VHF 7100EU only.
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