51VHF 7000, 7100US, 7100EU Operation Manual NAVMAN
Appendix D - MMSID and License Information
VHF 7100 only
You must obtain a user MMSID (Marine Mobile Service Identity) and enter it into your 7100 in
order to use the DSC functions. Contact the appropriate authorities in your country. If you are
unsure who to contact, consult your Navman dealer.
The user MMSID is a unique nine digit number, similar to a personal telephone number. It is
used on marine transceivers that are capable of using DSC (Digital Select Calling).
Depending upon your location, you may need a radio station license for the VHF 7100. You may
also need an individual operator’s license.
Navman NZ recommends that you check the requirements of your national radio
communications authorities before operating DSC functions.
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