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Leak Check Control screen
7. Press the START LEAK CHECK button.
8. The system will start the pump and pull a vacuum on the system.
NOTE: if the system vacuum does not reach 50” H2O, after 60
seconds the system will stop and fail.
9. Once the system pulls a vacuum of 50” H2O, the solenoid will close,
isolating the system from the solenoid to the bottom half of the filter
cassette. The final ending pressure will be greater than 50” H2O since
the system will stabilize to a final ending pressure.
10. After 20 seconds to allow the system to stabilize, the leak check timer
of 60 seconds will start and the system will calculate the final ending
pressure in order to pass an internal leak check of less than 80mL/min.
11. If the internal leak check passes, a green box will appear after the leak
check timer expires indicating the leak check has passed.
12. If the internal leak check fails, meaning the vacuum pressure has
dropped below the final ending pressure, a red box will appear after
the leak check timer expires indicating the internal leak check has
13. To cancel the internal leak check press the CANCEL LEAK CHECK
button at any point or press the return to main menu button.
14. After the internal leak check is completed, remove the internal leak
check disk and return unit back to normal operation.
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