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13.0 Maintenance
This section describes the maintenance procedures for the TE-Wilbur sampler.
13.1 Electrical System
The TE-Wilbur operates on 120V/230VAC mains power. The system is then
converted to 24VDC power which is supplied by a 60watt power supply.
Turning on the system
Plug the system into mains power, either 120VAC or 230VAC
Press the green button on the inside front cover, just below the touch-screen.
The button has an internal green LED that will illuminate letting the operator
know that mains power is on. When this light is off, mains power has been
lost. When this happens, the system will switch to battery power. There will
be a notification on the screen that mains power was lost and an entry in the
history log.
A battery backup UPS (uninterruptable power supply) is used with 5 amp-
hour batteries.
When power is lost, the system will automatically switch over to battery
power and will continue to operate. This feature is only to keep a sample
running for a few hours if there is an intermittent loss of mains power. If a
longer runtime is needed, please refer to section 12.0 Solar / Alternative
The sealed lead-acid batteries in the system should last approximately 5 years.
Typical Runtime During Sampling:
Approximately 3-4 hours
Typical Runtime Idle:
Approximately 8-9 hours
Allow the batteries to fully charge by plugging the sampler into mains power
for 24 hours.
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