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1.6 Symbols Used in This Document
The following symbols are used in this document
Shock hazard this symbol is used to make the operator aware that there is a
potential for an electrical shock hazard
General Attention this symbol is used to make the operator aware of an
important directive
1.7 Safety Warnings
Service and repair of this instrument should only be attempted by a trained
technician whom is familiar with electrical safety.
Do not remove the inner enclosure covers without disconnecting mains power
and powering down the unit completely.
Use grounded electrical connections at all times to prevent inadvertent
electrical shock hazards.
Only use outdoor rated cords to supply mains power to the instrument. The
power cord supplied with the instrument has an outdoor rated insulation.
Care should be taken when operating the filter holder mechanism that fingers
do not get pinched in the mechanism.
When installing the unit outdoors, ensure the unit is securely fastened to a
level, hard surface and that measures are taken to prevent the unit from tipping
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