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4. On top there are (3) wires on top for Line Voltage (hot), Neutral and
Ground. These will be colored black, white and green respectively.
Unscrew the terminals and remove the (3) top wires.
5. There are (2) wires on the bottom for DC output (+) and (-), label these
and unscrew the terminals and remove the bottom (2) wires.
6. The Power supply has a plastic clamp on the bottom at the rear of the
unit that is used to attach the unit to the DIN rail. Using a small flat-
blade screwdriver insert the blade into the hole on the clamp and push
downwards. The clamp will ‘click’ into the open / downward position.
7. Now the power supply can be removed by tilting upwards and
removing from the DIN rail.
8. To insert a new power supply, the top notches must be attached to the
DIN rail first, then push the bottom towards the DIN rail until the unit
‘clicks’ into place.
9. Reinstall the (3) top wires for the hot, neutral and ground by placing
the wire into terminal and screwing tight with screwdriver.
10. Reinstall the (2) bottom wires for the DC output.
11. Now that the power supply is installed and wired, it must be checked
for proper voltage.
12. Turn on the unit. The power supply light on the front should be on and
green, noting proper operation. If this light is not on check all wiring.
13. Place a DC voltage meter on the DC output of the power supply, red
on positive and black on negative.
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