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15.0 Communications
This section outlines the communication options, configuration and operation
available with the TE-Wilbur sampler.
15.1 Introduction
The TE-Wilbur has a built-in RJ-45 Ethernet connection that allows for
remote access of the system, a web browser interface and the ability to
download data remotely. Also, the TE-Wilbur sampler has a Modbus slave
port that allows connection to a telemetry system for remote data logging and
viewing and connection to the Tisch Environmental FRM-CAL Calibrator.
15.2 Ethernet Connection
The TE-Wilbur sampler has a standard RJ-45 Ethernet connection that is
located in the weatherproof box on the side. This connection is routed
through to the touchscreen where the connection is made.
If connection of the sampler is made to a switch, then a standard RJ45
CAT5/6 patch cable can be used.
If connecting this port directly to a PC an RJ45 CAT5/6 crossover cable must
be used.
The system is set for a default IP address as follows:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
No gateway is set
In order to connect to the sampler via the Ethernet port your PC must also be
set to the same subnet, for example:
IP Address (notice the IPs cannot be the same)
Subnet Mask
In this example the subnet is ‘192.168.1’ and any addresses from 1 to 255 can
be used except the ‘.123’ that is being used by the sampler.
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