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5. Place one of the mounting brackets onto the stand, aligning the holes
in the stand and the enclosure with the holes in the mounting bracket.
Secure the stand and the enclosure to the mounting bracket using the
supplied ¼-20 x ¾stainless steel bolts. Repeat for the other side. A
total of (8) bolts are used to secure the enclosure to the stand.
2.4 Electrical Connection
The TE-Wilbur sampler is configured with a universal IEC320 socket that is
located in the weatherproof side box. A standard USA-style cord is supplied
with each unit. Contact Tisch Environmental for different cord-end options.
A 1 amp AC circuit breaker that is resettable is also located in the side box
below the power socket.
NOTE: Always use grounded connections when connecting AC mains to the
unit. Shock hazards could result if proper grounding is not followed
or if outdoor-rated cords are not used. If using extension cords
inspect for wear and damage and follow all local and national
electrical codes for installation.
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