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NOTE: Any unexposed filter whose weight is outside the range of the
manufacturer’s specifications should be discarded and investigated
as to why.
Check the filter cassettes for cracks, evidence of wear, dirt and contamination.
Cassettes can be cleaned in the dishwasher and rinsed with deionized water.
Thoroughly dry the cassette before use. Filters must be used within 30 days
of being pre-weighed. Install each filter into the filter cassette and place the
cassette into its protective container and then into an antistatic bag for field
transport and use.
4.9 Field Sample Handling
Remove the filter cassette from the antistatic bag and protective tin. Ensure
the filter holder is open and place the filter cassette with filter into the filter
holder. Close the filter holder and set the sampler for the appropriate sample
date and time. At the completion of the sampling event, the filter must be
collected within 4 days (96 hours) of the end of the run. The filter cassette
should be carefully removed from the filter holder, placed into the protective
tin with the particulate side upwards and then placed in an anti-static bag.
NOTE: The filter should never be touched. When handling the cassettes,
make sure your hands are clean and if gloves are worn, ensure they
are anti-static and powder-free.
Place the filter cassettes (in the tins and anti-static bags) into an insulated
container such as a small cooler for storage. Use ‘blue-ice’ packs or frozen
gel packs to achieve temperatures below 4ºC. Place a small min/max
recording thermometer into the cooler to verify that the samples remained
cool during transport to the laboratory.
The sample must be placed back into the conditioned laboratory and weighed
within 10 days if stored below 25ºC. If stored below 4ºC, it is 30 days from
the end of the run that the filter must be placed back into the laboratory and
NOTE: Any filter that is noticeably torn or has a hole in it should
immediately be invalidated and investigated on what caused the
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