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4.10 Filter Post-Conditioning and Weighing
NOTE: For PM10 and PM2.5 sampling, refer to EPA QA Guidance Document
2.12 Monitoring PM2.5 in Ambient Air Using Designated Reference for
Class I Equivalent Methods for information on filter weighing, conditioning
and microbalance standards.
Conditioning of exposed filters
The lab technician who receives and logs in the sample shipment must verify
that the shipment was maintained at below 25ºC for less than 10 days or less
than 4ºC for less than 30 days of the filters being in the field.
The lab technician will also receive the data recorded from all the site
samplers and any paperwork relating to the sample.
Remove the filter cassette containers from the cooler / freezer and allow each
filter cassette container to warm to room temperature. After the containers
warm to room temperature open each container to begin the filter equilibration
process. During conditioning place the lid of the container partially over the
opening so it is partially open. Inspect for any tears, holes or anomalies of the
filter that may have occurred during sampling and note this and flag it for
further analysis.
Using the Filter Cassette Removal Tool (TE-W-400)
Place the filter cassette removal tool on a flat surface. Grab the filter cassette
and push into the opening carefully.
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