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This will separate the top and bottom halves of the filter cassette.
Remove the filter carefully with forceps being careful to only handle the filter
by the ring. Place the filter with the dirty-side up into a filter-handling
container or petri dish with the corresponding filter ID.
Remove the cassettes and screens from the conditioning area to another area
for cleaning.
Allow the filters to condition for at least 24 hours.
Weighing of exposed filters
The filters must be weighed in the same room as they were conditioned in.
Record the %RH and temperature and verify the mean temperature and %RH
for the last 24 hours has remained between 20-23ºC (with instantaneous
readings within ±2ºC) and 30-40% RH (with instantaneous readings within
Using clean forceps two working mass reference standards must be weighed
as a QC check such as 100mg and 200mg. Record these weights. If these
disagree by more than 3µg they must be reweighed.
Weigh enough laboratory blanks to provide at least 10% or at least one
laboratory blank during the post sampling weighing session. Also, weigh
enough field blanks to meet 10% or at least one field blank during the post
weighing session.
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