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The total concentration of particulate can then be calculated using the
following formula:
Where: PMx = concentration of PM2.5 or PM10 particulates in µg/m3
Va = total volume of the sample
4.12 Data Validation
The sample run data should be verified by the following criteria:
o Average volumetric flow rate = 16.7 L/min ± 5%.
o Flow rate coefficient of variation less than 4%.
o Temperature difference (filter ambient) less than 5ºC.
o Sample Time is greater than 23 hours and less than 25 hours.
o Verify that the sample data sheet the technician filled out does not
indicate an invalid sample or that there were warnings or alarms
during the sample.
o Verify that the sample was retrieved within 4 days (96 hours) of the
completion of the sample run.
o Verify that the container holding the filters did not exceed 25ºC during
transport to the laboratory.
o Verify that filter was used within 30 days if kept at 4ºC or below, or 10
days if kept below 25ºC.
o Verify that the barometric pressure, filter temperature and ambient
temperature were reading appropriately on the datalog and were not
out of specifications or varied widely throughout the sample.
o Verify that there were not more than 10 power losses during the
sample period or any other alarms that would invalidate the sample.
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