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Sample control screen
On this screen you have the ability to Cancel the current sample and see all
the pertinent sample runtime information such as:
Current Sample
Run Date
This is the date that the sampler will start running at
Next Sample
Run Date
This is the date of the next sample. If the current start
date is 2/23/14 and you are running a 1 in 3 schedule,
the next sample run date will be 2/26/14.
This is the actual runtime of the sample. When the
sample starts this value is reset to zero. The currently
displayed value is the last sample’s runtime or the
current runtime if the sampler is running.
Time Remaining
This is the time remaining of the current sample.
When a 24 hour sample starts this value will be 24.
Total Flow
This is the total airflow in cubic meters. At 16.67
Liters per minute, 1 cubic meter per hour of air will
pass through the sampler. In 24 hours, approximately
24 cubic meters of air will flow through the sampler.
Vol Air Flow
This is the actual volumetric flow in Lpm.
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