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Flow Calibration Summary Screen
9. The user is presented with the slope, intercept and R coefficient of the
four point linear regression formula. If the R coefficient is less than
0.98 the user is notified that the calibration needs attention.
10. If the R coefficient is greater than 0.98 and the user feels that the
calibration was successful they can save the calibration values by
pressing the YES SAVE button. If the user does not want to save the
calibration settings they can press NO QUIT and the last calibration
values will be used for flow adjustment.
7.6 Flow Calibration Equations
Linear Regression is a mathematical way to find the relationship between
several variables. In the case of flow calibration, you are trying to find the
relationship between what the calibrator is reading and what the flow sensor is
reading you are trying to calibrate.
A straight regression line depicts a linear trend or relationship of the data. So
the linear straight line equation of y = mx + b holds true. This means that you
can calculate any point along the line given the reading of your sensor after
this formula has been created. Where m = the slope of the linear line and b =
the intercept of the line. The flow sensor is a linear relationship.
To calculate the slope of the line the following formula is used:
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