please follow the steps below:
1. After system restarts, go to the BIOS Setup, make sure CSM Support under the BIOS menu is disabled.
2. Go to  and make sure  is disabled.
If you want to enable the Optane memory installed in the M2A connector, set 
9 to RST Controlled.
3. Enter the operating system, launch the Intel® utility from the Start menu, and
then enable Intel® Optane Memory on the Intel® Optane Memory tab.
4. Launch the Intel®® Optane
or applications to accelerate using the Intel® Optane function. (The Optane memory
used must have at least 32 GB capacity.)
An Optane memory cannot be used to accelerate an M.2 PCIe SSD.
Do not abruptly remove the Optane memory. Doing so will cause the operating system to stop
functioning correctly.
If you want to change/remove the Optane memory, you must disable it using the Intel®
After enabling the Optane memory, the related BIOS settings will remain even after a BIOS update.
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