&Core Performance Boost (Note 1)
Allows you to determine whether to enable the Core Performance Boost (CPB) technology, a CPU
performance-boost technology. (Default: Auto)
&AMD Cool&Quiet function
Enabled Lets the AMD Cool'n'Quiet driver dynamically adjust the CPU clock and VID to
reduce heat output from your computer and its power consumption. (Default)
Disabled Disables this function.
&SVM Mode
Virtualization enhanced by Virtualization Technology will allow a platform to run multiple operating systems
and applications in independent partitions. With virtualization, one computer system can function as multiple
virtual systems. (Default: Disabled)
&Global C-state Control (Note 1)
Allows you to determine whether to let the CPU enter C states. When enabled, the CPU core frequency
will be reduced during system halt state to decrease power consumption. (Default: Auto)
&Power Supply Idle Control (Note 1)
Enables or disables Package C6 State.
Typical Current Idle Disables this function.
Low Current Idle Enables this function.
    
&Opcache Control (Note 1)
Enables or disables Opcache. Auto
&Downcore Control
Allows you to select the number of CPU cores to enable (the number of CPU cores may vary by CPU).
&SMT Mode
Allows you to enable or disable the CPU Simultaneous Multi-Threading technology. This feature only works
for operating systems that support multi-processor mode. Auto
setting. (Default: Auto)
&ExtremeMemoryProile(X.M.P.)(Note 2)
Allows the BIOS to read the SPD data on XMP memory module(s) to enhance memory performance when
Disabled Disables this function. (Default)
  
(Note 2)  
&System Memory Multiplier
Allows you to set the system memory multiplier. Auto sets memory multiplier according to memory SPD
data. (Default: Auto)
&Memory Frequency (MHz)
 
is the memory frequency that is automatically adjusted according to the System Memory Multiplier settings.
`Advanced Memory Settings
&ExtremeMemoryProile(X.M.P.) (Note 2), System Memory Multiplier, Memory Frequency(MHz)
The settings above are synchronous to those under the same items on the Advanced Frequency Settings
(Note 1) This item is present only when you install a CPU that supports this feature.
(Note 2) This item is present only when you install a CPU and a memory module that support this feature.
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