Enables or disables AMD IOMMU support. (Default: Auto)
&Integrated Graphics (Note)
Enables or disables the onboard graphics function.
Auto The BIOS will automatically enable or disable the onboard graphics depending on the
graphics card being installed. (Default)
Forces Enables the onboard graphics.
Disabled Disables the onboard graphics.
&UMA Mode (Note)
Specify the UMA mode.
   
 
UMA Auto Sets the display resolution.
 Integrated Graphics is set to Forces.
&UMA Frame Buffer Size (Note)
Frame buffer size is the total amount of system memory allocated solely for the onboard graphics controller.
MS-DOS, for example, will use only this memory for display. Options are: Auto (default), 64M~16G.
 UMA Mode is set to .
&Display Resolution (Note)
Allows you to set the display resolution. Options are: Auto (default), 1920x1080 and below, 2560x1600,
 UMA Mode is set to UMA Auto.
(Note) This item is present only when you install a CPU that supports this feature.
2-7 Chipset
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