G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual
GYBE ANG The angle of course change in a
gybe (40° to 140° or AUTO or OFF, default =
AUTO) (see sections 4-5, 6.5).
TACK DELY The delay between pressing
tack and the boat starting to tack (1 to 120
sec or OFF; default = 30 sec) (see sections
4-5, 6-5).
TURN RATE Set the maximum boat turn rate
allowed, in degrees per sec (3 to 20, default =
10 degrees per sec).
VESSEL > menu
This menu can only be accessed in STBY.
VESL TYPE Vessel type (SAIL, PLNE (planing),
DISP (displacement); default = SAIL).
DRVE TYPE Steering drive type (MOTR, SPL-
or SPL+; default = MOTR) (see G-PILOT 3100
Installation Manual).
WIND TYPE The wind type to use (APP or
TRUE; default = APP).
HDG TYPE The compass heading type (MAG
or TRUE; default = MAG).
MAG VAR The magnetic variation where the
boat is (90°W to +90°E; default = 19°E).
DEVICES > menu
The items in the DEVICES menu are functions
used to calibrate the G-PILOT 3100. This menu
can only be accessed in STBY.
RFU CAL Start the procedure to calibrate
the rudder feedback unit (see G-PILOT 3100
Installation Manual).
RFU CENTR Set rudder to position where
boat sails in a straight line (see G-PILOT 3100
Installation Manual).
CSU CAL Start the procedure calibrate the
compass (see G-PILOT 3100 Installation
ALIGN HDG Align the compass with the boat
(see G-PILOT 3100 Installation Manual)
ALIGN GPS Align the current boat heading
with a GPS heading (COG) if available (see
G-PILOT 3100 Installation Manual).
FACTORY > menu
This menu can only be accessed in STBY.
BKL GROUP NavBus group number (0, 1,
2, 3 or 4, default = 1) (see G-PILOT 3100
Installation Manual).
KEY BEEPS A beep when a key is pressed
(ON or OFF, default = ON).
NMEA2 DAT NMEA 2 port function (IN,
SLOW or FAST; default = IN):
IN: NMEA 2 is an input
SLOW: NMEA 2 outputs heading &
rudder angle once per second
FAST: NMEA 2 outputs heading ten times
per second.
MCU VX.X Displays the G-PILOT 3100 main
unit’s software version number (e.g. MCU V1.3
is version 1.3).
HCU VX.X Displays the display unit’s software
version number (e.g. HCU V2.5 is version
NVM RESET This function resets all G-PILOT
3100 user data to the factory default values.
Once NVM RESET is displayed:
1 Press > to turn the function on
2 Press ENT to reset the data
3 Hold ESC to exit the menus
4 Perform the dockside setup and sea trials
to recalibrate the G-PILOT 3100 (see
G-PILOT 3100 Installation Manual).
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