G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual
4 Compass steering mode
The G-PILOT 3100 has three ways of steering the boat, compass, GPS and wind. To select an
appropriate mode, see section 2-4. In Compass mode, the G-PILOT steers the boat to a set
course, called CTS (Course to steer).
4-1 Compass steering data
Boat heading, 45°
4-2 Engaging and disengaging the G-PILOT 3100 in compass mode
CTS (course to steer, the intended
autopilot course) 55°
Course error, 10° to starboard
Steer the boat manually. Display CTS
in the info data or course error in the
bar data and use these to steer by.
To engage AUTO,
hold AUTO
Heading = 45°
For example:
To engage HAND STEER,
hold AUTO + MENU
The G-PILOT steers the boat automatically.
The G-PILOT 3100 sets CTS (course to steer) to
the current heading, in this example 45°, and starts
steering on this course.
To disengage the G-PILOT, press AUTO
The G-PILOT returns to STBY (standby).
Steer the boat manually.
Heading = 45°
CTS = 45°
Manually steer the boat to
open waters. Sail straight
on the intended course.
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