G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual NAVMAN 17
Heading = 45°
CTS = 45°
CTS changes to 44°
Boat comes to 44° heading
Waves or wind can push the boat’s heading off
course, The G-PILOT 3100 will steer the boat
back on course, for example:
CTS = 45°
Wave pushes boat
heading to 60°
CTS = 45°
Wind or currents can push the boat to one
side of the course, for example:
G-PILOT 3100 steers boat
back to a heading of 45°
Heading is maintained at 45°
Press <
4-3 Changing course in compass mode
To change course in 1° steps:
press < to change course by 1° to port
press > to change course by 1° to starboard.
For example:
Heading = 45°
CTS = 45°
Press >
CTS changes to 46°
Boat comes to 46° heading
CTS changes to 35°
Boat comes to 35° heading
Heading = 45°
CTS = 45°
Hold < for
half a second
Hold < until
CTS is 15°
Boat comes to 15° heading
To change course in 10° steps:
hold down < to change course by 10° to port every half second
hold down > to change course by 10° to starboard every half second.
For example:
When the G-PILOT 3100 is engaged
Hold AUTO to attempt to switch to GPS mode (if vessel type is PLNE [planing] or DISP [displace-
ment]) or to wind mode (if vessel type is SAIL).
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