G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual NAVMAN 21
Wind or currents can push the boat off the GPS
course. The G-PILOT 3100 will steer the boat
back on course:
When the G-PILOT 3100 is engaged
When the boat reaches the fi nal waypoint, the
G-PILOT displays ROUTE END and stays on
the current course:
Press ESC to change to STBY;
steer manually
Press ENT to change to Compass
mode and continue sailing at the current
Note To return to the last waypoint if the boat
has passed the waypoint, restart the GPS
navigating to the waypoint.
5-3 Dodging in GPS mode
A dodge is a sharp change of course, usually to avoid an obstacle.
press MENU + < to dodge to port by the dodge angle
press MENU + > to dodge to starboard by the dodge angle.
For example:
MENU + <
CTS changes by the dodge angle.
Boat comes to new heading.
The G-PILOT beeps.
Press ESC to resume
the earlier heading
To dodge further, press MENU + < or MENU + > more times.
To view or change the dodge angle, go to DODGE ANG in the OPTIONS menu (see section 3-7).
WARNING: The G-PILOT will steer back to the
GPS plotted course. Make sure there are no
obstacles or dangerous waters in the way.
Hold AUTO to change to Compass mode.
If the GPS is following a route and the boat
reaches an intermediate waypoint:
If WPT AKN is off, the G-PILOT
automatically starts steering to the next
waypoint in the route.
Otherwise, the G-PILOT displays NEXT
WPT?, sounds an alarm and continues
on the current heading. Press any key to
mute the alarm. Then press ENT to start
steering to the next waypoint or press
ESC to return to STBY.
To view or change WPT AKN, go to WPT AKN
in the ALARMS menu (see section 3-7).
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