G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual NAVMAN 29
Problem: drifts off course to one side
Increase ratio.
Increase trim gain.
Increase response.
Problem: boat moves too far off course closely before the rudder turns to correct
the course
Decrease ratio.
Decrease counter rudder gain.
Decrease trim gain.
This causes wear on the steering linkage and
uses power.
Decrease response.
Reduce ratio.
Reduce counter rudder gain.
Problem: rudder turns too frequently
To simplify changing the parameters when conditions change, the G-PILOT stores fi ve sets of the
steering parameters. Each set is called a profi le and the profi les are numbered 1 to 5. To select a
profi le to use, go to PROFILE in the MAIN menu (see section 3-7).
1 When the G-PILOT is installed, the steering parameters in all the profi les are set to their
default values.
2 Select profi le 1 and adjust the steering parameters for optimum steering in typical conditions
(see section 7-3).
3 If the conditions change and the steering is no longer optimum, select another pro le and adjust the
steering parameters again. Repeat this step as required to adjust the parameters in each pro le.
4 When using the G-PILOT to steer, select a profi le suitable for the current conditions. For
example different profi les can be confi gured for rough conditions and calm conditions.
7-3 Adjusting the steering parameters
Problem: oscillations from side to side build up
Decrease ratio.
Problem: after a large course change, boat overshoots and oscillates before
settling to new course
Increase counter rudder gain
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