G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual
Problem: after a sideways current or wind, the correction is applied too quickly or too slowly
If the boat encounters a sideways force, then it will move off course sideways. The G-PILOT will
automatically bring the boat back to the correct heading by applying a few degrees of rudder, called
trim. Trim gain sets how quickly the trim is applied. Trim gain should be adjusted to trim the boat
in about one minute. Getting the Trim gain setting right can be diffi cult for your specifi c boat and
it is easy to alter the Trim gain too much. Change the settings slowly and conservatively at fi rst,
until the right settings are known.
Increase trim gain
Decrease trim gain
1 minute
1 minute
a Boat takes much more than one minute to trim
Sideways force starts
b Boat takes much less than one minute to trim
Sideways force starts
Problem: after a large course change, boat takes too long to settle to new course
Decrease counter rudder gain
Problem: boat oscillated around GPS course
Decrease GPS gain.
Increase GPS gain.
Problem: drifts off GPS course
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