G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual
Alarm display Reason for message Recommended action by user Notes
DRV ERROR Rudder angle does not change Check drive power is turned on a s
when steering drive operates Check RFU is connected to rudder
Check fuses inside end of main
control unit
Check steering drive operation
GPS ERROR GPS has stopped sending data to Check GPS operation a c s
main unit Check GPS connection
GSU ERROR Gyro not sending data to main unit Check gyro is connected to a s
main unit; Service gyro
MCU ERROR Main unit not sending data to Check display unit is connected to a s
display unit main unit
Service main unit or display unit
NAV ERROR GPS is not navigating to a waypoint Start GPS navigating to a waypointm
when trying to engage G-PILOT or along a route
NEXT WPT? Boat has reached a waypoint Press any key to proceed to cancel alarm
(in GPS mode and WPT AKN is on) Then press ENT to start steering to the
next waypoint or press ESC to return to
NO DATA G-PILOT not receiving GPS data Check GPS operation m
when setting mode to GPS Check GPS connection
or G-PILOT not receiving wind instrument Check wind instrument operation m
data when setting mode to wind Check wind instrument connection
NVM ERROR Main unit memory has been corrupted Service main unit a s
PHA ERROR Rudder turns wrong way to rudder Check the rudder feedback unit a s
feedback unit Perform a rudder calibration
RFU ERROR Rudder feedback unit has stopped Check rudder feedback unit is a s
sending data to main unit connected to main unit
Service rudder feedback unit
ROUTE END Boat has reached the end of Press ESC to change to STBY or
a GPS route press ENT to change to compass
mode, sailing at current heading
TRK ERROR G-PILOT has changed to GPS mode Press ESC to return to STBY or press
but boat is too far off course ENT to have the G-PILOT steer the boat
to the correct course.
TAK ERROR In Wind mode, attempt to tack in the Change angle to wind m
wrong way or boat will be in irons
WND ALARM The wind angle has changed by more Change SWA a
than the alarm value Change to Compass mode
WND ERROR Wind instrument has stopped Check wind instrument operation a c s
sending data to main unit Check wind instrument connection
XTE ALARM XTE has exceeded the maximum Manually steer boat towards course a
value set by the user
Notes a Alarm sounds the internal and external (optional) beepers; press any key to mute
alarm, then press ESC to cacel the alarm message
c The G-PILOT 3100 changes to Compass mode
m The G-PILOT 3100 mode does ot change
s The G-PILOT 3100 changes to STBY
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