G-PILOT 3100 Operation Manual NAVMAN 7
2-3 Using the G-PILOT 3100
2 Basic operation
Display and keys are backlit
(see section 3-1)
Four keys
(see section 2-2)
The display unit
111 x 111 mm
(4.4" x 4.4")
Battery symbol
ashes if battery
low (see section
Boat heading
Alarm symbol ashes
when alarm sounds
(see section 3-5)
Info display
(see section 3-4)
Bar data
(rudder or course error,
see section 3-3)
Simulate symbol
(see section 3-6)
(see section 2-5)
Steering mode
(see section 2-4)
Main display always
shows boat heading
(see section 3-2)
Turn the unit on and off with the auxiliary power
switch on the boat. The unit does not have its
own power switch. When you turn it off, any
settings you have made are retained.
2-1 Turning on and off
If the word SIMULATE ashes on the display,
then the unit is in simulate mode (see section
2-2 The keys
The unit has four keys, labelled AUTO (ESC)
< > and MENU (ENT).
In this manual:
Press means to push the key for less
than one second.
Hold means to hold the key down until
the display changes.
Press one key + another key means to
push both keys together.
The display unit gives a high pitch beep after
a valid key press and a low pitch beep after an
invalid key press. For information on using the
keys, see sections 3-7 and 3-8.
When keylock is turned on, the G-PILOT will
ignore key presses. To turn keylock on or off:
Press AUTO + MENU.
Press ENT.
2-3-1 Starting the G-PILOT 3100
1 Turn the G-PILOT 3100 on (see section 2-1).
If the G-PILOT 3100 is connected to speed,
wind or GPS instruments, turn these on too.
2 If necessary, adjust the backlight so that the
display can be read easily (see section 3-1).
3 If necessary, change the user data (see
section 3-7).
2-3-2 Using the G-PILOT 3100
1 Manually steer the boat to open waters
before using the G-PILOT to steer the
2 If necessary, change the steering mode
(see section 2-4).
3 Engage, use and disengage the G-PILOT:
For Compass mode: see section 4.
For GPS mode: see section 5.
For Wind mode: see section 6.
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