TE-5170V VFC TSP 12 Operations Manual
Box of Charts
2. Lid Box - 19" x 14" x 14" 9 lbs
Gabled Roof
*** Save the shipping containers and packing material for future use.
1. Open shelter box and remove Anodized Aluminum Shelter.
2. Taped to the bottom is the TE-5003V TSP VFC filter holder with TE-5005-9 gasket,
TE-  water manometer and male tube fitting.
3. Strapped to the leg is the TE-10557TSP with look up table and the TE-5070 VFC
Blower Motor Assembly.
4. Screw TE-5003V Filter Holder onto TE-10557TSP and TE-5070 Blower Motor
Assembly (tubing, power cord, and pressure tap on side of filter holder to the right)
make sure TE-5005-9 gasket is in place.
5. Lower Filter Holder, VFC, and Blower Motor down through top support pan on
6. Connect clear tubing from bulkhead fitting to pressure tap on side of filter holder.
7. Connect black tubing from the TE-5070 blower motor to the pressure tap located
underneath the TE-5009 recorder
8. Open lid box
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