TE-5170V VFC TSP 17 Operations Manual
squealing sound made by escaping air. If this sound is heard, a leak is present
and the top loading adapter hold-down nuts need to be re-tightened.
Avoid running the sampler for longer than 30 seconds at a time with the
orifice blocked. This will reduce the chance of the motor overheating. Also,
never try this leak test procedure with a manometer connected to the
pressure tap on the calibration orifice or the pressure tap on the side of the
sampler. Liquid from either manometer could be drawn into the system and
cause motor damage.
Step 4: Connect one side of a water manometer or other type of flow
measurement device to the pressure tap on the side of the orifice with a
rubber vacuum tube. Leave the opposite side of the manometer open to the
Step 5: Connect a water manometer to the quick disconnect located on the
side of the aluminum outdoor shelter (this quick disconnect is connected to
the pressure tap on the side of the filter holder).
Step 6: Make sure the TE-5028A orifice is all the way open (turn the black
knob counter clock-wise). Record both manometer readings, the one from
the orifice and the other from the side of the sampler. To read a manometer
one side goes up and the other side goes down, you add both sides, this is
your inches of water. Repeat this process for the other four points by
adjusting the knob on the variable orifice (just a slight turn) to four different
positions and taking four different readings. You should have five sets of
numbers, ten numbers in all.
Step 7: Remove the variable orifice and the top loading adapter and install a
clean filter. Set your timer.
Step 8: Record the ambient air temperature, the ambient barometric pressure,
the sampler serial number, the orifice serial number, the orifice Qactual slope
and intercept with date last certified, todays date, site location and the
operators initials.
One example calibration sheet and one blank calibration sheet are attached
to this manual. To download the electronic spreadsheet, please visit
www.tisch-env.com (download the TE-5170V High Vol TSP VFC with G-
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