TE-5170V VFC TSP 28 Operations Manual
Sampler Operation
1. After performing calibration procedure, remove filter holder frame by
loosening the four wing nuts allowing the brass bolts and washers to
swing down out of the way. Shift frame to one side and remove.
2. Carefully center a new filter, rougher side up, on the supporting screen.
Properly align the filter on the screen so that when the frame is in
position the gasket will form an airtight seal on the outer edges of the
3. Secure the filter with the frame, brass bolts, and washers with sufficient
pressure to avoid air leakage at the edges (make sure that the plastic
washers are on top of the frame).
4. Wipe any dirt accumulation from around the filter holder with a clean
5. Close shelter lid carefully and secure with the "S" hook.
6. Make sure all cords are plugged into their appropriate receptacles and
the rubber tubing between the blower motor pressure tap and the TE-
5009 continuous flow recorder is connected (be careful not to pinch
tubing when closing door).
7. Prepare TE-5009 continuous flow recorder as follows:
a. Clean any excess ink and moisture on the inside of recorder by wiping
with a clean cloth.
b. Depress pen arm lifter to raise pen point and carefully insert a fresh
c. Carefully align the tab of the chart to the drive hub of the recorder and
press gently with thumb to lower chart center onto hub. Make sure
chart is placed under the chart guide clip and the time index clip so it
will rotate freely without binding. Set time by rotating the drive hub
clock-wise until the correct time on chart is aligned with time index
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