DEPTH 2100 Installation and Operation Manual
3. Continue to hold . The
display will indicate the
current master/slave
4. Continue to hold until the display indicates
the current linked/separate selection.
Linked Separate
5. Use and to change the selection.
6. To exit this mode, press and hold both and
Linked or Separate Selection
By default a dual station pair of Depth 2100
instruments automatically keep the following settings
the same in both instruments:
Alarms On/Off
Alarm Values (Deep and Shallow)
Keel Offset (see note)
Units of measure (see note)
Example: Switching an alarm off on the slave
instrument will also switch the alarm off on the master
instrument. The reverse also applies, alarms
changed on the master will be automatically changed
in the slave instrument.
Note: The keel offset and units of measure should
only be changed on the Master instrument.
If independent settings are required the link feature
can be disabled.
To enable or disable the linked mode:
1. Apply power while holding down .
2. When the unit is on. The
display will first indicate the
current display unit:
Your depth sounder is designed for years of trouble free operation assuming proper installation and care are
provided. Following the operation and installation guidelines in this manual should ensure optimum
performance of the instrument. In the unlikely event that the instrument shall fail to perform or shall need
servicing, contact the dealer whom you purchased your Depth 2100 from.
4 Maintenance
Hold down during power up
simultaneously. Alternatively, if no keys are
pressed for a period of 5 seconds normal
depth display will commence.
Press simultaneously
Note: This setup procedure applies to the master
device and all slave devices. For separate
operation all devices, including the master, must
be set to Separate mode. Also, for linked operation
all devices, including the master, must be set to
Linked mode.
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