8DEPTH 2100 Installation and Operation Manual
5 Installation
Instrument Installation
The instrument can be easily installed in different
types of instrument panels.
1. Select a suitable location for the instrument.
When selecting the location for mounting, the
following are recommended:
• Controls of the instrument must be
accessible to the user.
• Electrical connections must be routed to
the boat system as directly as possible,
minimising the length of cable where
• Location should provide as much protection
from the elements as possible.
• The panel for mounting the instrument
should be 3 mm to 19 mm (1/8 to 3/4 inch)
• The space behind the instrument panel
must have a depth of at least 95 mm (3.75
2. Drill a 51 mm (2-inch hole) on the instrument
panel in the selected location.
3. With the mounting bracket removed, insert the
instrument into the hole until the back of the face
plate is flush with the outside mounting wall.
4. Slide the bracket over the body of the
instrument. Note: Orient the bracket in such a
manner that it does not cover the buzzer.
5. Tighten the mounting nut until the bracket is
6. Connect the power cord at the back of the
instrument to a 12 V power supply which is
active whenever the ignition switch is on.
The red lead should be connected to the
positive terminal of the power supply via
a 1 amp fuse or a 1 amp circuit breaker.
• Red (+) Terminal
• Black (-) Terminal
• Orange External Buzzer
Use for optional external buzzer (use red (+)
terminal to complete circuit). If unused then
tape to avoid shorting.
• Brown Data input/output
Your Depth 2100 can be used as a repeater for
another DPT or DBT NEMA depth sounder. If
unused then tape to avoid shorting.
IMPORTANT: If unsure about wiring contact
your nearest NAVMAN dealer.
RCA Jack
600 mm (24 inch)
Power Cord
Black (-)
Red (+)
6 Wiring
The black lead should be connected to the
negative terminal.
7. Obtain the power from a 12 V source as
directly as possible. Avoid power circuits which
share loads with ignition, alternators, radio
transmitters, etc. Excessive electrical noise
associated with such devices may prevent the
instrument from operating properly.
8. Connect the RCA phono plug on the
transducer cable to the instrument. Extension
cables are available from your NAVMAN dealer
if the transducer cable is too short.
Instrument Panel
51 mm (2 inch) Hole
Sealing Gasket
63.5 mm
19.0 mm
95 mm
Mounting Nut
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