DEPTH 2100 Installation and Operation Manual
• Size
Mount: 51 mm (2") diameter hole
Depth behind face plate: 95 mm (3.75") max.
Display: 3-character LCD
• Colour
Black bezel.
• Backlighting
Red coloured diffused lighting for display.
Water Integrity
Front will withstand direct water spray.
Depth/Alarm Range
2.0-600 feet
0.6-184 metres
0.3-100 fathoms
(to 9.9 in tenths)
• Sensitivity
Better than 0.05 mV RMS at 200 feet.
Transmit Power
36 W RMS nominal at 13.6 V DC.
• Transducer
200 kHz 1900 pF/600 W parallel.
Display Updating
1 second.
Operating Voltage
9.5 V DC to 16.5 V DC.
Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).
Current Drain
150 mA max, including internal buzzer.
Data Input/Output
Single wire data output/Input.
Dual station mode outputs NMEA sentences.
Dual station accepts NMEA sentences. In the
linked mode a dual station pair also transfer
function settings eg. Alarm on/off.
NMEA Output
NMEA Input
DPT and DBT.
External Buzzer Output
12 V DC Buzzer, 100 mA max.
RF Interference
<6 dB quieting on any marine radio channel
(with 3 dB gain antenna) within one meter of the
instrument. Complies with CE EMC standards
EN50081-1 and EN50082-1.
Appendix A - Specifications
Display is backlit for
Night operation
Alarm On/
Change Value up Alarm Off/
Change Value Down
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