Unique Features
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On the Host Computer:
Option Function
Account List Displays currently signed in account(s).
Remove Remove the selected account.
Share Folder Displays the shared folder directory of the currently signed in account.
Open Folder Access the shared folder of the currently signed in account.
On the Smart Phone/Tablet Device/Remote Computer:
Option Function
All Picture Files 
and select Upload selected Files
File Download: Tap on the folder and then tap on the menu icon, select Download
smart phone/tablet device.
All Music Files
All Video Files
All Files
User Contacts Tap on the folder and then tap on the menu icon to use the options including Backup
to remote, Restore From remote, View Remote Contact, and Reselect Computers.
Call Log
Using HomeCloud
Step 1:
Launch HomeCloud on the host computer (installed with Cloud Station (Server)), sign in with your Google/
Facebook/Windows Live account or select the account on the Account List. Then enable HomeCloud Function.
To automatically enable this function after system reboot, enable Always run on next reboot.
Step 2:
Run Cloud Station on your smart phone/tablet device/remote computer, sign in with the same account you use
for HomeCloud on your host computer. Tap on HomeCloud to perform the following functions:
Cloud Station:
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