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5-2-4 EasyTune
or do overclock/overvoltage in Windows environment.
The EasyTune Interface
Tabs Information
Tab Description
The Smart Boost tab provides you with different levels of CPU frequency to choose to
achieve desired system performance. After making changes, be sure to restart your system
for these changes to take effect.
The Advanced CPU OC tab allows you to set CPU base clock, frequency, and voltages,
The Advanced DDR OC tab allows you to set the memory clock.
The Advanced Power tab allows you to adjust voltages.
The HotKey
Incorrectly doing overclock/overvoltage may result in damage to the hardware components such
as CPU, chipset, and memory and reduce the useful life of these components. Before you do the
overclock/overvoltage, make sure that you fully know each function of EasyTune, or system instability
or other unexpected results may occur.
Available functions in EasyTune may vary by motherboard model and CPU. Grayed-out area(s)
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