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With GIGABYTE XHD (Note 1)
drive is added. All with a simple click of a button, XHD helps to enhance your hard drive read/write performance
A. System Requirements
1. An Intel® Chipset motherboard supporting RAID
2. Intel® SATA controllers set to RAID mode
3. Intel® Rapid Storage Technology utility installed
4. Intel® SATA controller driver installed
5. The new drive must have equal or greater capacity than the system drive.
B. Using XHD
Select XHD and click Create RAID 0 based on your need (Note 2).
(Note 1) The XHD utility only supports the SATA connectors controlled by the Intel® Chipset.
(Note 2) Except for the operating system drive, all data on other hard drive will be deleted. Back up your data
before using the XHD utility.
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