Unique Features
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5-2-9 RGB Fusion
This application allows you to enable or specify the lighting mode of the select device (Note 1) while in the
Windows environment.
The RGB Fusion Interface
(Note 1) RGB Fusion will automatically search for the devices that have LED lighting feature and display them
on the list.
(Note 2) Please download the RGB Fusion app from App Store or Google Play.
Using RGB Fusion
The icon on the top right corner: Allows you to return to the main menu.
The icon on the top right corner: Allows your computer to connect to the GIGABYTE RGB Fusion app
installed on your handheld devices. (Note 2)
Click the icon of the desired device and select the LED color/ lighting behaviour on the right section of the screen.
STATIC All LEDs emit a single color.
PULSE All LEDs simultaneously fade in and fade out.
FLASH 
DOUBLE FLASH 
COLOR CYCLE All LEDs simultaneously cycle through a full spectrum of colors.
MUSIC All LEDs are synchronized with your music.
RANDOM 
GAME All LEDs are synchronized with your game.
(Shooting Star) All LEDs present special-designed Shooting Star lighting effects.
(Rainbow) All LEDs present special-designed Rainbow lighting effect.
OFF Turn off all LEDs.
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